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Friday, 3-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Poses poses poses.
not posed
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Pictures sent to my from my friend Bi Bi.

Saturday, 29-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

HA! got you all excited didnt i? at the prospect of new pictures! AND HA! there arent any! deal with it

There will be some more here soon. Joe why arent you posting them?


Friday, 14-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Some good some bad photos from the new camera!

mincer joe in car
Cool as phil in go kart. (i won) joe is a loser.
broken down bus, gutted.
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Erm, enjoy. No time for long stories, i'll tell yah when i get back. Yes thats a snake, yes they killed it, yes i ate it, and yes thats it heart, and yes thats me downing it raw with lao kao on it (rice whisky) Yes im mad, and yes it tasted nice. Must go.

Im in NAM!!!!!! and we goin trekking for food in a bit. Home on june the something or other. Maybe the second, maybe the 6th, maybe the 10th. But basically joe has bottled it on his spends and has run out of cash.



(more photos soon, im in a rush Check back soon and give more comments!!!)


Heres the rest of the photos as promised you stinkers!

Tuesday, 20-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Full Moon and one Songkran

Water festival!
jaws part 2
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We finally got thew ictures of the full moon developed, these are a few of the best ones. We did have more but idiot features joe got nailed and ended up going for a swim with the other camera, oh and my wallet aswel, yeah, and his aswell. Oh and he had jeans on, and he was nailed? but i mentioned that already!

The picture with joe on the beach and a thai girl and a tiny blonde girl both looking at him is where 2 women think they are with the same man, and then meet "the other girl". I was wasted further down the beach at this point.

Oh and there was a shooting, 3 thai guys got shot dead, and one overdose on ecstacy. I wasnt far off dead at one point but thats another story. Sangsom is lethal! dont worry kids, we'll bring some home!

Oh, the picture of me with the girl on the podium, well, i was begining to sober up and realised the seriousness of the situation and so grabbed a thai girl also on the podium. I think the essex girl i was with then fell out of the window behind us and onto a cactus! (we were in cactus bar, but i had no idea there were actual cactuses there!) but please dont laugh, as later on in the night, i saw a girl i knew (thai no less) and did the drunken im cool watch me swing out of the window onto the floor thing. I forgot about the cactus! I, and about 4 others, including the girl i was trying to impress, were pulling cactus spines out of my back and chest for about 10 minutes! Ahh well you cant win em all! i just chalk it up to experience.

But i did have my cake and eat it, if thats the right phrase, which it isnt, because me and the girl i jumped out of the window to meet hooked up in chiang mai! Cashback! But thats basically a different story.

Also the songkran picture is the only decent one. Its pretty hard taking photos when people are throwing buckets of water at you and your drunk. The one ure looking at is not actually on thai new year, its the warm up. We are nailing people on mopeds and tuk-tuks as they go past! Jobs an ice cold wet one!

Hmm what else! Ahh yes, diving, we dived, was good. Joe ran out of air on the second dive! you've gotta love that! I was complitley oblivious and just swam on like doreen out of finding nemo! We saw a murray eel, but dont worry cos we've got a video on cd of that! Its on its way home with us!

Bungee jump pictures are on there way ladies and gents! well good fun! i wanna do the 216 meter jump in South Africa now! Jobs a scary one! I'll update again soon! got a digi camera now so u can see us travel through laos!

Call us what you want, just dont call us in the morning!

(call me)

Phil (joes in bed recovering from last night, its 15:17 the mincer! we were supposed to be playing golf!)

We off to laos tommorrow! or day after! we'll take photos if our bus gets hi-jacked! apparantly its quite commen! then vietnamn i guess thats safe, and then cambodia where you get mugged in the streets by kids! and its mined up to the eyeballs!

jobs a dangerous one!


Oh and leave some more comments, it makes me feel warm and wanted!!!


Here are some more pictures, this time of our death defying leaps off of a boat on bamboo island. and us on "the beach" and us bungee jumping!

RAYVON cos FUN is the name of the game, but hold on tight, or you just might DIE!

Phil and joe

Friday, 16-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Spot the ladyboy
Phil joe and ti ti
Joes mincey haircut
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Heres some more photos, but im in a rush so i cant be arsed writing a big log with them, maybe i'll write one soon! See you all in june!

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